Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Feel Like There's Something Dead Inside Me

I’m lost in my loneliness

But I deserve it for I’m worthless

As I lay here dying inside

I am trapped with the thought of suicide;

Death seems like bliss

As I’m tired of residing in this abyss

In which no one cares how I feel

And only leave me broken and unable to heal;

I wish I were dead

I’m tired of being led

Into seeking help, believing someone cares

Only to recieve criticism, hatred., and cold stares;

I’m always abandoned when in a friendship,

Always hurt while in this relationship,

Family, they criticize me for having depression,

And in all this I feel broken beyond reparation;

My time will soon come to an end,

I only hope that when I perish, no one will pretend

That they actually gave a damn, cause that is merely a lie,

I was left to rot,only paid attention upon saying my final goodbye;

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