Sunday, June 30, 2013


come save me from the burning,
ride against these dire times,
versus all apathy and disregard,
yielding new hope to all fallen ones,
to all the silenced, to those unheard...

a sign of hope in peaceless times,
a shining light among the darkest knight,
Godiva, your silent rage will bury them,
Godiva, promise me, convey our hate and screams...

will you bury them, Godiva will you bury them,
no truth will ever reach them, no word will ever touch him,
a life beyond all sympathy...

one day the tide is turning,
and nothing will be left for them,
of all their vanity, of all this selfishness,
Godiva will bury them, Lady Godiva,
when will you ride again...

no truth will ever reach them,
no word will ever touch him,
a life beyond all sympathy...


Short Words

"If dying is your way out then count me in. I'm coming"

Alone In December

you always amazed me
but that's the past
you always amazed me
but that's the past

i kept silent and it rained for days
my insides were drenched
but i guess that's the part of growing up 
I never wanted to learn 

and I grew into the man
that you never knew
but i wouldn't be this way
if it wasn't for you
100 thank you's
if this is love
fairy tales never came true
judies are black and in full bloom
and i died in the womb

take it back, all that's gone
it's all still there like you left it
December stayed the same
nothing ever changed but you

every dream covered in dents
love can't fly tonight
couples will rest, I'll be sleepless
so cry yourself to sleep
this isn't about broken hearts
this is about me
bending again for nothing

id run to you but pain awaits
I'm coming home
but ill be late
no deeper than imagination can be
sight with nothing to see

whats faith if i cant believe
its everything
a cure but i make it a disease
God take me because i hate me

Short Writings. The End.

Having your feeling is such a great pleasure. I won't quarrel about us. Just go on with it. You're a chill that I got in the morning when I wake up.  Your voice,your laugh,your everything is so valuable. I wanna love every inch of you. From head to toe. From A to Z. From 0 until 100. I was empty at that time then you came. I keep myself empty just for you to fill. Just from your lovely laugh it gives me a little electric-feel in my heart. It feels great. You're the answer for the question and every missing puzzles that I have to collect. A white stained on a black paper. You could be an angel on my right shoulder and also a devil on my left shoulder. A shadow at my door. A moth into my lights. You could be the weed which brings an addiction to my body. You could be my sin and my faith. My cure for every disease. The reason behind my smile.  A shining light among my darkest night.

I'm running out of words. I can't write anymore.......... The End. The end of my explanation. The end of my metaphor. The end of my short writings.

She. The Soulless.

Such a soulless creature
Without any emotion painted on her face
She's living with a dead soul inside her
There's a voice inside her head
Whispering and even talking to her
She walks among the dead
Feels like this world is not belong to her
So sad, she stucked in here
Find a way home?
Such a impossible thing to do
She's walking with that skinless body
Only bones wrap around her
All she can see is darkness

Because when she walks
Death always with her
Death walks among her
She blessed by the Death
No God wants to bless her
She even don't believe in any of God
Stupidity and craziness on her mind
Which direct her to go
Every person's word is just a transparent lies to her

Shame..... She's lost. But that's her destiny. That's why she was born.

Malam Asik

Ah! Ini dari tadi badan gatal-gatal terus. Iya sih, gak mandi abisnya. Cuma malam ini asik deh. Tenang, sunyi dan yang ada cuma suara air ngalir dari aquarium si Leon dan suara dari kipas raksasa. Cuma pikiran agak keganggu sedikit biasa deh gara-gara nuangin cerita di blog ini yang udah berapa taun gak update terus. Postingannya agak random iya kan? Karena yang lagi nulis agak random juga sih. Stuck nih. Gak tau mau nulis apalagi soalnya dari tadi dengerin si Botak yang lagi sibuk ngedumel. "Aduh pusing... pusing. Ngantuk nih terus duit habis, rokok habis, shampoo abis. Semuanya serba abis,men!" gitu deh isinya. Nah, dianya udah kebawah sekarang kayaknya mau tidur deh. Sendirian lagi deh diatas. Pokoknya malam ini asik gak kayak malam-malam biasanya. Dikata mabok abis nyimeng gara-gara nulis random post beginian. Dibilang "girl, are you getting high or something?" yang pastinya ini 100% sadar dan masih dititik kesadaran yang tinggi.

I Feel Like There's Something Dead Inside Me

I’m lost in my loneliness

But I deserve it for I’m worthless

As I lay here dying inside

I am trapped with the thought of suicide;

Death seems like bliss

As I’m tired of residing in this abyss

In which no one cares how I feel

And only leave me broken and unable to heal;

I wish I were dead

I’m tired of being led

Into seeking help, believing someone cares

Only to recieve criticism, hatred., and cold stares;

I’m always abandoned when in a friendship,

Always hurt while in this relationship,

Family, they criticize me for having depression,

And in all this I feel broken beyond reparation;

My time will soon come to an end,

I only hope that when I perish, no one will pretend

That they actually gave a damn, cause that is merely a lie,

I was left to rot,only paid attention upon saying my final goodbye;