Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Did These Things... Up Until Now

Look,this may sounds strange but I did these things for a long time maybe almost a all of my life. I know it sounds strange and unusual but I love these things so CHECK IT OUT:

-I've been in a fight before,maybe when I was in a 3rd grade and 6th grade. Luckily,I won the fight.
-I do not smoke. But I smoke hookah or you can say it "sisha" I tried to drink once. And it's all awkward.
-I play guitar and piano. For guitar,I choose electric guitar not in tend to be a cool person but my heart already all along with electric guitar.
-I listen to Metal,Hardcore,Post-Rock and Punk. Sometimes,I listen to some Hardcore Punk song like The Casualties.
-I do not sing but I scream and growl. I learn how to do a squealing and it hurts my throat sometimes it damages my voice but I'm get used to it. It sounds not really good and I can't hold it for too long only a few seconds. I'm practicing almost aaalllll daaaaayyyyy
-I've been going to local Metal band concert and I've never been in a mosh-pit circle before but I prefer to bang my head with those kids and enjoy the distortion and a blasting of the drum.
-I'm addicted to the game. Precisely a console games like PSP,XBOX 360 and PS2.
-I'm not using drugs and smoke weed (but I wish I can try to smoke it once).
-I collect a lot of sneakres. Vans,Converse,Adidas,Nike and Macbeth.
-I also collect an action-figure 
-I love to watch The Godfather and Zombie movies. It's one of my favorite.

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