Sunday, June 30, 2013

She. The Soulless.

Such a soulless creature
Without any emotion painted on her face
She's living with a dead soul inside her
There's a voice inside her head
Whispering and even talking to her
She walks among the dead
Feels like this world is not belong to her
So sad, she stucked in here
Find a way home?
Such a impossible thing to do
She's walking with that skinless body
Only bones wrap around her
All she can see is darkness

Because when she walks
Death always with her
Death walks among her
She blessed by the Death
No God wants to bless her
She even don't believe in any of God
Stupidity and craziness on her mind
Which direct her to go
Every person's word is just a transparent lies to her

Shame..... She's lost. But that's her destiny. That's why she was born.

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