Sunday, June 30, 2013

Short Writings. The End.

Having your feeling is such a great pleasure. I won't quarrel about us. Just go on with it. You're a chill that I got in the morning when I wake up.  Your voice,your laugh,your everything is so valuable. I wanna love every inch of you. From head to toe. From A to Z. From 0 until 100. I was empty at that time then you came. I keep myself empty just for you to fill. Just from your lovely laugh it gives me a little electric-feel in my heart. It feels great. You're the answer for the question and every missing puzzles that I have to collect. A white stained on a black paper. You could be an angel on my right shoulder and also a devil on my left shoulder. A shadow at my door. A moth into my lights. You could be the weed which brings an addiction to my body. You could be my sin and my faith. My cure for every disease. The reason behind my smile.  A shining light among my darkest night.

I'm running out of words. I can't write anymore.......... The End. The end of my explanation. The end of my metaphor. The end of my short writings.

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